The Video Man® Productions provides a variety of video services. Now in High-Definition! Check out our video samples! Our streaming videos are encoded for the best viewing experience using a broadband connection. The clips are set to work with Windows Media Player on a PC. Even when you are ready to say, "Yea, I want The Video Man® at our next event!", don't be shy in asking for a sample on DVD. The Video Man® Productions believes you should view a sample video in your home on your video equipment. Don't forget to ask about our service in High-Definition video! In the meantime, enjoy the samples we provide here to get a taste of our style and our work. Then let's work together to create your next project!



Wedding Videography
From pre-ceremony preparations to multi-camera ceremony coverage, to the excitement of the reception, we have a wedding video package that meets your exact needs. Be sure to take a look at our streaming video samples by clicking on the picture to the right.  and get answers to bride's most frequently asked wedding video questions on the FAQ'S page. Call us at 949-795-1610 for more information. Fill out our contact page to check availability and reserve your date with us.



Bar/Bat Mitzvah
Nothing can be more exciting for parent and child alike as the Mitzvah day. Videotaping is a must with so much happening so quickly. We can videotape the ceremony as well as the party, so call us so we can discuss all the exciting details. Call us at 949-795-1610 or fill out our contact page to check availability and reserve your date with us. Streaming samples will be available shortly.



Sweet Sixteen  / Quinceañera
How DID your daughter become fifteen or sixteen so quickly?  Before Dad even thinks about that wedding first dance, he’ll be getting some practice with her at his little girl’s quinceañera/sweet sixteen party. Sweet Sixteen's are very popular on the East Coast, and  quinceañera's in the West. Click the picture to the right to view an actual highlight  film.  Call us at 949-795-1610 or fill out our contact page to check availability and reserve your date with us. You will see how the memory of your daughter’s special day will be preserved for generations to come.



Surprise Parties
Everyone kept the secret… now let’s get that surprised look on the honored guest’s face on tape! We are the masters of surprise party videos. Our work speaks for itself. We’ve recorded hundreds of surprise parties and know exactly where to position ourselves for the grand entrance. Nothing beats reliving the moment everyone yells, “SURPRISE”! Call us at 949-795-1610 or fill out our contact page to check availability and reserve your date with us. Streaming samples will be available shortly.

Cheerleading Competitions
Cheerleading? You bet!  Cheerleading as a sport is serious business, and we take it seriously as well. The Video Man® Productions leads the way in recording these important events.  Our list of clients include the New Jersey Cheerleading Coaches Association Championships (NJCCA)Pop Warner Cheerleading of Central Jersey, as well as smaller competitions.  DVD's are ordered at the competition and through the mail for delivery right to your door. We keep an archive of past competitions as well. DVDs can be ordered directly by calling 949-795-1610 or fill out our contact page.  Call to discuss our program and reserving The Video Man® Productions for your competition on the east or west coasts. Click the picture to the right for the latest sample of our work! Click HERE for an audio testimonial (message left in our voice mailbox).

School Events / Proms / Award Ceremonies / Graduations
For years we have captured school functions such as proms, award ceremonies, religious ceremonies and commencement exercises for public and private schools. I wish I had a video of my high school graduation! We have a complete program which includes mail delivery of finished DVDs right to the graduate's door. Click on our sample video to appreciate the care we give to these important milestones. Have your school call us at 949-795-1610 or fill out our contact page to schedule a meeting with your school's activity director. Then reserve The Video Man® Productions, so every graduate in your school can receive this priceless keepsake!


Dance School Recitals
We’ve been called the "Dance Recital King" for our work capturing dance school recitals. Kids LOVE watching themselves and their routines on DVD and now in High-Definition! From initial consultation to disc delivery, we work with you in producing a top-notch video. The Video Man® Productions understands that the video is a reflection on the quality and care a school puts into their program. We go the extra mile to make your kids and the school look great, and take pride in the positive feedback we receive from the dance school instructors and their customers.  Click the picture to the left to view a sample of our work. Have your school call us at 949-795-1610, or fill out our contact page to reserve our service for your dance show!

Photo-To-Video Projects
You would think it would be the wedding video, but I’ve seen more hearts touched from a well-made photo-to-video project – not a dry eye in the house. Photo-To-Video makes a great surprise gift for parents and family members, as well as a special feature shown during a banquet reception. We help you through the planning process so you can gather the information and pictures we need to create a wonderful keepsake. Click on the album picture to the right to see a 3-minute sample shown at a wedding reception.

Corporate and Industrial Video
Need to market a product or sell a service? Need to train employees in a cost-effective way? Video is the choice. We can also record your next seminar or corporate event so your company will have a permanent record for archival purposes, or for distribution to company employees. We've filmed everything from construction sites, dedication ceremonies, property archival, and How-To tapes. Click on the picture to the left to sample our work! Call us at 949-795-1610 or fill out our contact page for a consultation.

DVD Duplication
In most cases we can get your project duplicated the same day! Call 949-795-1610  or fill out our contact page for pricing and consultation.

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