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"Ok, I know I want a wedding video. Aren't they all the same?? I mean... you know... baby pictures, ceremony, reception, highlights............ isn't the difference just price?" Of course it's just price!!! And all men and women are the same, so it doesn't matter who you marry, right... RIGHT???? ...NOT!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok, I have to say, some brides have told me that they've seen a bunch of wedding videos and they all provoke the SAME response...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Oh man! What's zzzzzzzzzzzzz worth? When you're paying for great wedding video, unless you expected to use it as a cure for insomnia, I'd say you paid way too much. At any price.

"I went down to a Videographers studio and saw a demo DVD and like what I saw. Is that enough?" Maybe, but then maybe not. Here are some solid questions to ask a prospective videographer:

1. Am I just seeing "the Best" parts of the video? You know how movie trailers get you hooked in by showing you the best parts of a movie, then you go to the movie and then you say, yeah, those were the best parts alright! Same with wedding video... you really need to see a full-length customer-delivered tape to make an accurate decision.

2. Can I take a full-length wedding video home with me to review? If they say no, think about saying, "See ya". I'll guarantee that my work will look good on the video equipment that costs thousands of dollars in my studio. It's supposed to. I'm not saying YOU don't own a TV worth thousands of dollars, but at home, in your living room, is where you will be watching your video, not in my studio! It has to look good where you will be viewing it all the time. I encourage you to take a completed project home with you for a couple of reasons. One is so you can take your time looking through parts you want to see again, and skip the parts you don't. Make notes and then come back to me with questions.  I try and give a wedding video that has at least the reception or ceremony location similar to where you will be married. The best way to get a good idea of your day is from other's experiences.

3. I'm getting tired having to drive all over creation visiting reception sites, flower shops, bridal shows, photographers etc. Do I have to come down to your studio for an appointment to see your work? Absolutely not! The beauty of video is that you can review it in your own living room! I would say 95% of all my brides and grooms work with me through phone calls, emails, and mail correspondence. Many of my customers never see me until the day of the wedding. There are plenty of people who do not live in my neck of the woods, live out of state, or let's face it, are just very busy. I send out an initial package that includes sample videos, prices, references, testimonials and other information. My customers know they are more than welcome to come down at any time to visit with me. Just check and make sure I'm going to be around so I can have the coffee and bagels ready. Most likely you will be coming down to pick up your finished video, but there again, at least half of the videos are mailed to my customers.

4. The person who filmed the sample wedding.... will they be the one at my wedding? You need to know who is going to be responsible for your memories. I have to admit, I can't do them all. If I am booked on a certain day, I'm only able to be in one place at one time (darn!). But if I know a colleague is available that I trust will do a good job, I will show you THEIR work, with my editing. This way you see how a video with two different personalities is created. See what I'm getting at? Every video has the Videographer's skill and personality signature built into it. Best way to understand that is to see different videos. I sleep better at night knowing who will be creating your video, and you will too.

5. Can I speak/meet with that person? You should at least get a chance to speak to the videographer who will be joining you on your wedding day just to even say hello.  We want you to at least rest assured your videography professional is "on the job".

"How long is the average wedding video?" That depends... every videographer has a different opinion on this question. There are Videographers out there that give you a 30 minute video that is your finished video, and then gives you hours of raw footage to sift through. The idea behind this "short-form" video is that most people want to get to the "good" parts and not have to bore friends with all the "other" boring parts that you will fast forward past anyway. Well, I have always believed in giving a "complete" wedding video - that the "boring" parts are only boring if they are presented as such.  Most of my wedding videos average around 2 hours. Think about it, could the story of the movie "Titanic" be told in just 30 minutes? That movie was 3 hours long! Most people said they didn't even realize how the time past while watching that movie, it was that captivating. The same is true with wedding video. The actual run-time of well-made wedding video shouldn't have a time parameter around it. If the whole story only takes 30 minutes to tell, fine. We don't want you to worry we decided to cut out your favorite Aunt Tilly just to hit the hour mark. Besides, when you put your wedding on DVD, you can set chapter stops within your wedding video just like a movie! Want to go right to the reception? The Cake Cutting? Vows? No problem! Click and you are there!

"Will you put a lot of special effects in my wedding video?" My question is, what do you define as a special effect? I do use "special effects", but I use them sparingly and where appropriate. Have you ever eaten a cake where the cake itself was dry, but there seemed to be a ton of icing on it? Well, video is the same way. If you see a wedding video with a lot of special effects, in general it's to cover up mediocre camera work. Remember what this is supposed to be - a recording of your event. Special effects get "dated", and unfortunately many videographers think they razzle-dazzle effects are what make a great video.   You don't want your wedding video filled with loads of the latest and greatest gaudy effects that will be embarrassing to watch in years to come. What seems cutting edge cool now can actually become an embarrassment in 20 years! Ever see your parent's wedding album with the two of them in the wine glass? That was hot stuff back then! But try and find a photographer willing to do that today (hmm... did you say you liked that picture?)! "Tasteful" includes cuts, fades, wipes, dissolves, slow motion and black and white video where appropriate...that pretty much sums it up. Special effects shouldn't be in your video for the sake of the effect. They should thoughtfully enhance, without getting you seasick and distract you from what's important - you, your friends and family.

"Are you unobtrusive?" I guess that means am I going to annoy you and your guests. I hope not! Interestingly enough photography usually is more obtrusive because the photographer needs to direct you to get their posed shots. For the most part I am going to be in the background recording the event. Let's put it this way, my couples always tell me at the end of the night, "Dave, I didn't even know you were there."

"Do you have backup equipment?" Yes. I don't leave home without it.

"How much does a wedding video cost?" I KNEW you were going to eventually ask that question!! Everything depends on coverage, location and editing work. Because I record many destination events, I can't list rates online. Almost every event is unique. The best way to accurately quote a price is to email or call me so we can discuss your event details. I'm quick to reply to your inquiry. Factors like your budget, locations and options will determine your investment. 

"Do you have insurance?" Yes. I have liability insurance and equipment insurance. Most, if not all, banquet facilities and houses of worship require liability insurance.

"Do you accept credit cards?" Yes, all the major ones and PayPal.

"How do I reserve my wedding day with The Video Man?" Call, text, or email us! First we need to  make certain your event day is available. We then sign an agreement along with a small retainer.  That's it! Your videographer is reserved for your day!

Contact Us with any other questions, or to inquire about coverage for your event.

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