What qualifies The Video Man® for such an important and valuable service? Hey, now that's a fair question! Basically I've made my hobby my career. Printing and developing still pictures since I was 8 years old, I grew up as the official family photographer and 8mm movie producer.  Then a close friend asked me to video-record his wedding, and the rest is history. Since 1989, I have recorded over 1000 weddings, in addition to  numerous other events and corporate projects. Needless to say, I love what I do!

I migrated west with a presence in Orange County, California since 2002.  I am affiliated with the local videographer and bridal consultant groups here, as well as recommended by many wedding professionals and venues. The east and west coasts now keep me very busy!

I've won national as well as local association awards for my work. I am well known in the video industry as well as in other areas of the event industry. If you need advice on choosing everything from  the house of worship to the catering facility, just ask!

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